Electric violin players, makers, and resources
  Featured Maker: T.F. Barrett
PLAYERS: Click here to find out about violinists who are taking the instrument to new places....

MAKERS: If you think a violin has to look like a Stradivarius and sound like a soprano, click here to see some radical designs that will change your mind.

EQUIPMENT: Wondering how to get started with an electric violin? Click here for an introduction to electronic effects and recording gear.

RESOURCES: Click here for a heads-up on magazines, books, web sites, and teachers that can get you started.

VINTAGE: Does the term "vintage electric violin" seem like a contradiction in terms? Click here to find out about electric violins made as early as 1935!

NEWS: Current happenings at Bowed Electricity.

Other Resources

There aren't many other sites devoted to electric violins and/or non-western-classical violin playing, but there are a few. What follows are some of the best general resources to check out if you don't find what you want on this site.

Mark Chung's Jazzstrings
Strings Central
The Fiddle Forum

New book! --- Electric Violins by Hanno Graesser and Andy Holliman

Finally there's an actual paper book on Electric violins. This hardback volume covers all the bases, with history, bios of makers, articles about amplification and transducers, and several appendicies with useful info for violin builders. A gorgeous book, with lots of great color photos, well bound on high-quality paper. Highly recommended. You can purchase this book from Andy directly via his web site:

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